Automatic Cocoa Butter Press Making Machine Price

The automatic cocoa butter making machine is specially press sesame, peanut, walnut kernel, almond, fax, ocoa mass and other high oil content crops. Easy to operate, high oil extraction rate.


Description of Cocoa Butter Press Machine Price
1. Small oil press machine manual operation, low price, widely used in small oil factory.
2. Full automatic hydraulic oil press is a small oil press which is most convenient in operation, highest yield efficiency, as well as least replacement spare parts. Only one hydraulic oil press machine, you could get the better oil and easy to operate.
3. The electric and manual hydraulic oil press made by HDC.

Hydraulic Cocoa Butter Press Machine Price

Structure of Automatic Cocoa Butter Making Machine
The main parts of the machine are Hydraulic oil tank, Hydraulic pressure cylinder, Piston, Column, Mobile top, Base, Raw material cylinder, Switch box, Electric contact hydraulic pressure indicator and automatic temperature control device. It is mainly made with 45# steel and 27SiMn steel forging parts and other high-quality metal materials. Thereby improving the performance and life of the machine.

Features of Automatic Cocoa Butter Press Machine
1.Automatic oil press is the most advanced equipment. Highlighted feature is big capacity.
2.Easy to operate, having the highest oil yield.
3.It is the least to replace wearing parts among all the range of machines.
4.It can press sesame, walnuts, olives, cocoa beans, coconut, pine nuts, and almonds, and other high oil crops with big capacity.
5.This machine has a small volume, less land occupation, and it’s easy to learn to operate, and it don’t need too much requirements about the operator.

Automatic Cocoa Butter Making Machine

Parameter of Automatic Cocoa Butter Making Machine

Model GG-ZY180 GG-ZY230 GG-ZY280 GG-ZY320
Pressure 55Mpa 55Mpa 60MPa 60MPa
Feeding Diameter 180mm 230mm 280mm 320mm
Capacity(Per time) 1-3 kg 2-7 kg 5-15 kg 10-20 kg
Heating power 1kw 1kw 2kw 3kw
Hydraylic Motor power 1.5kw,380V 1.5kw,380V 2.2kw,380V 6.4kw,380V
Nominal pressure 1600KN 2200KN 3000KN 3500KN
Dimension 800*650*1100mm 900*750*1400mm 900*1000*1500mm 900*1100*1650
Weight 530kg 880kg 1500kg 2000kg