Automatic Coated Peanut Production Line

Automatic Coated Peanut Snacks Production Line

The coated peanut production line is specially designed for processing various kinds of coated snacks like peanut, beans etc. Perfect coating effect, long service life.


Automatic Coated Peanutt Production Line is a line specially for processing various kinds of legumes snacks like peanuts and beans, etc. By making the beans or peanuts completely or half coated with tasty flavor powder, then by roasting and frying to make them into crisp condition.

Processing type, temperature and other processing parameters are adjustable by using the control panel, all the parts are designed under decades of manufacturing experiences and perfected by customers’ suggestion and feedback.

Coated Peanut Production Line for Sale

Peanut Coating Process: Peanuts roasting → peeled → coating → roasting → seasoning → cooling → packaging.

The main equipment are roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, peanut coating machine, grain swing baking machine, flavoring machine, cooler.

Application of Coated Peanut Production Line
This series of equipment can produce Japanese beans, peanut skin, crisp fruit, full of incense, incense dinosaur, shrimp crisp beans, spicy beans, more than 10 products.

Feature of Peanut Coating Machine:
1.The tilt angle is adjustable,
2.Heat can be adjusted.
3.Stable rotating,low noise and no pollution.
4.Can be equipped with frequency control, dust removal system.
5.Can be fully enclosed, equipped with a spray gun system to meet GMP requirements.

Coated peanut snacks, Korea beans, Japanese peanut, is a kind of nutritious peanut-based, beans wrapped in flour, seasonings and popular food, mature technology, high degree of processing equipment mechanization, easy to operate.

Automatic Peanut Coating Machine

Parameter of Automatic Coated Peanut Production Line

Name Parameter
Peanut roasting machine
(Gas heating)
Output:80-120 kg/h
Power:1.1 kw
Electric Power:18 kw
Gas Heating:2-3 kg
Peanut peeler
Peeling rate:96%
Coating machine Capacity: 120kg/h
Power: 0.75kw
Particle swing roasting machine Power:0.75kw
Electrical heating power:20kw
Capacity: 150-200kg/h
Flavoring machine Power:0.75kw
Capacity: 250kg/h
Cooling machine Power:7.5kw
Dimension: 6*0.8*1.2m
Granule packing machine Power:2.5KW/220V
Measure Range:10-120g/bag.
Bag Size:L:50-160
W: 30-130
Capacity:30-60 bags/minutes