Sesame Oil Extraction Machine Manufacturer

Hydraulic Sesame Oil Press Extraction Machine for Sale

The hydraulic sesame oil press machine manual operation, low price, widely used in family and small oil. It also can press oil grains, peanut, almond, soybean etc.


This hydraulic oil press machine is suitable for cold pressing or hot pressing many oil seeds , Especially for pressing sesame seed, peanut, almond, pine nut, walnut, and so on valuable oil seeds. Easy to operate, high oil press rate, lower residue in oil cake.

Hydraulic Sesame Oil Extraction Machine

Main Features of Sesame Oil Press Machine for Sale
1. Small area covering, easy to install and operate, no special requirement for operators.
2. Low power consumption, and low cost.
3. Belongs to hydraulic equipment, high pressure, high oil yield, high oil quality.
4. Full automatic control system. Preheat temperature is self controlled, and so is the hydraulic pressure system.
5. Automatic hydraulic oil pressing machine is the most advanced equipment and it is a best choice to instead of hand-operated worker.

Application of Sesame Oil Extraction Machine for Sale
Full-automatic series hydraulic oil press machine is mainly used for small oil processing plant in rural and farmers’ markets. This machine features time saving, energy, high oil yield. Oil pressed from this machine is pure and can be sold immediately.

Oil crops: Cocoa, sesame, peanut, walnut, almond, soybean, rapeseed, pine seed.(animal oil residue can also be squeeze. The dehydration, deoiling and dewatering effect of chemical raw material like clay, activated carbon are better).

Sesame Oil Press Machine for Sale

Hydraulic System:
Hydraulic system is the main power force of this sesame oil press machine, it includes transmission shaft, turbine, worm gear, gear pump, high pressure pump, overflow valve; super high pressure safety valve; hand-operated valve; seamless steel tube; pipeline connect and other spare parts.

This oil extraction machine adopts the advanced power pack of the world, and compared with two plunger pump, it is faster , higher pressure and can resist higher temperature, it can continue working when the oil temperature is above 65 but needn’t cooling unit.

Parameter of Hydraulic Sesame Seed Oil Press Machine

Model GG-ZY180 GG-ZY230 GG-ZY280 GG-ZY320
Pressure 55Mpa 55Mpa 60MPa 60MPa
Feeding Diameter 180mm 230mm 280mm 320mm
Capacity(Per time) 1-3 kg 2-7 kg 5-15 kg 10-20 kg
Heating power 1kw 1kw 2kw 3kw
Hydraylic Motor power 1.5kw,380V 1.5kw,380V 2.2kw,380V 6.4kw,380V
Nominal pressure 1600KN 2200KN 3000KN 3500KN
Dimension 800*650*1100mm 900*750*1400mm 900*1000*1500mm 900*1100*1650
Weight 530kg 880kg 1500kg 2000kg