Electric Almond Nut Roasting Machine

Drum Type Cashew Almond Nut Roasting Machine Manufacturer

The nuts roating machine is mainly used for roasting peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashew nut, cocoa beans, etc. Roasted products are of high quality, health.


This cashew almond roasting machine is used to roast peanut, sesame, broad bean, melon seeds and other kind of nuts.
It uses heating tube or gas to produce heat energy and the infrared radiation and rotating bucket will help dry the raw material. The rotating bucket will rotate continually during the roasting process so that the finished product will be heated evenly.

Nuts Roasting Machine Manufacturer

Features of Almond Nut Roasting Machine
1. The temperature can be adjusted from 0-300℃.
2. The rotating bucket is made of stainless steel.
3. This machine is easy to operate and clean.

Advantage of Cashew Nut Roasting Machine
1. Heating uniform, good sealing.
2. Equipped with energy-saving stove, adjustable firepower size.
3. Automatic pan sieving separation, without manual separation.
4. A variety of production capacity and model, the size of production capacity can be customized, you can choose electric heating or gas heating.
5. Automatic temperature control, easy operate.

Drum Type Cashew Almond Roasting Machine

Parameter of Drum Type Almond Roasting Machine

Model GGHG-2
Output(kg/h) 200-300
Motor Power(kw) 2.2
Electrical Heating
Gas Heating(kg) 4-6
Weight(kg) 1200

How to operate roaster?
1. Connecting the power, then pressing the button “on”, rotating for three minutes.
2. If the machine runs OK, putting the material into the feeder.
3. Starting the heating switch, beginning to heat.
4. Setting the needed time and temperature.
5. When roasting time being over and alarm sounding, stopping heating and then pressing discharge switch.
6. Finishing discharge, the temperature decreasing to 50℃, then pressing the button “off”.