Automatic Sunflower Seed Dehulling Machine for Sale

Automatic Sunflower Seed Hemp Seed Shelling Dehulling Machine

The sunflower seed shelling machine contains many national patents and is designed to clean various impurities in sunflower seeds, remove shells, separate and re-separate seeds.


The automatic sunflower seed shelling machine adopts a unique double-sheller setting and separate control of the sheller by frequency conversion technology. The unique wind recirculation system automatically opens the unhulled grain into the next shelling cycle, which greatly improves the shelling efficiency.

Features of the hemp seed dehulling machine:
1. low electricity consumption
2. compact structure, small area occupation
3. low damage of seeds and kernels
4. automatic feeding of unhulled seeds
5. one of the most optimum equipment for sunflower seeds hulling and separating in the world.

Automatic Sunflower Seed Shelling Machine Automatic Hemp Seed Dehulling Machine

This sunflower seed dehulling machine can finish of the sunflower seed cleaning, shelling, peeling, separation and check, is the worldwide sunflower seed industrial equipment preferred. The unit has a high husking rate, nuts broken small, high degree of automation and simple operation and maintenance etc.

Parameter of Automatic Hemp Seed Shelling Machine

Model GGPH-300
Power 8.54W
Output capacity 250-300kg/h
Rate of perfect kernel ≥ 95%
Residue Rate ≤ 2%
Flour area 6.5*2.8*3.5M
Weight 3T