Small Rice Hulling Machine Manufacturer

Small Paddy Rice Huller Sheller Husking Machine Price

The paddy rice huller machine removes husks from grains and makes cleaned rice. Rice husking machine is of small power 2.2kw and large output over 400kg/h.


Introduction of Small Rice Huller Sheller Machine

1. This three roller rice huller is our company’s main product and hot sale product, the shell rate is as high as 99%, and its hulling rate is two times.
2. This rice sheller machine can clean little separation chaff thoroughly.
3. The body adopts seal type, chaff dust and all in a bag inside, use or the appearance of the room without dust, environmental sanitation little noise.
4. This huller machine’s warehouse door can be very convenient open, and the door with glass, use very convenient adjustment.

Paddy Rice Huller Machine Price

Structure:Mainly composed of hopper feeding device, head device, chaff separation chamber, gear transmission, frame and so on.

Features of Paddy Sheller and Huller Machine
1. Materials can be hulled twice by 3 rubber rollers.
2. The paddy huller is well sealed with special glass on one side and quench manganese steel plate on the other, both super hard and wear-resistant.
3. Unprofessional people are able to operate.
4. Roller thick rubber is hierarchy, and long service life.
5. Beautiful outlook, cover an area of an area small.
6. Milled rice rate: Brown rice 80-82%, Germ meters 75%, White rice 65%-75%.

Parameter of Paddy Rice Husking Machine

Model GG-QLG1
Packaging Wooden
Capacity (kg/h) 300-400
Size (mm) 500*500*1020
Weight (kg) 102