Cocoa Bean Skin Peeling Machine

Roasted Cocoa Bean Peeling and Skin Removing Machine

The cocoa bean peeling machine is a special equipment for removing roasted bean skins. High degree of automation, high peeling rate, low noise and no pollution etc.


Introduction of Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine
This machine is a special equipment for processing cocoa bean and peanut. it has a high degree of automation, peeling rate is high, low noise and nopollution etc. this machine is the vacuum cleaner can suck cocoa bean skin and peanut red coat, is the ideal choice for the food processing industry.

Main Composed of Cocoa Bean Skin Removing Machine:
The machine is composed of peeling roller, fan, sieving, sorting and dust remove part. the structure is simple and compact, easy to operate, stable in performance, safe and reliable.

Roasted Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine

Working Principle of Cocoa Bean Skin Removing Machine
1 First, feed the cocoa beans in the bucket evenly, then peeling by roller, after peeling, they are falling on vibration screen.
2 The ventilators are sucked by the different size skins taken off by the wind and stored outside the machine.
3 After the peeling cocoa beans are discharged through the material outlet, the size of the wind and the size of the peeling gap can be adjusted to achieve full peeling.

Parameter of Roasted Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine

Model GG-SC1
Power 1.5kw+0.75kw
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Capacity 300-500kg/h
Dimension 1800*750*1300mm