Small Almond Cracking and Shelling Machine

Small Almond Cracking and Shelling Machine Single Stage

This small almond shelling machine is mainly used for removal of all kinds of nut hard shells of almond, hazelnut, palm kernel. Perfect cracking effect.


This almond shelling machine is mainly used for shelling various hard shell nuts, it can remove the shell of almond, hazelnuts, and other kinds of nuts of different size. Simple equipment, single-level shell, adjustable gap.

Working Principle of Single Stage Almond Shelling Machine:
The machine is a simple device for shelling apricot kernels. It has a single-stage shell and adjustable gap.

After the almond is poured into the shell of the machine, there are some small apricot kernels that have not broken the shell. After screening, the gap of the shell breaker should be adjusted and the shell should be broken once.

High Efficiency Almond Shelling Machine Almond Cracking Machine Small Scale

Features of Almond Cracking Machine:
1. Our factory also provides a three-level apricot core shredder, which can be divided into three grades by shell size.
2. It is easy to operate and can fully meet the needs of small dried fruit processing;
3. It occupies a small space and is easy to make up the production line.
4. The removal rate of the equipment is higher than 98%,shell breakage rate of less than 0.5%.

Parameter of Single Stage Almond Cracking Machine

Model GG-KX1
Capacity 400kg/h
Power 2.2kw(380v)
Dimension 1.9*0.78*1.2m
Weight 280kg